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Domestic Sales and Showrooms

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Seoul Head Office

TEL +82-2-518-7040, +82-2-487-9009
FAX +82-2-477-5279
ADD 539 Seogyeong Bldg 3 - 6 floors, Seongnae 1-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
Domestic Sales and Showrooms

Sales Team 1

Sales Team 1 has specialized in designing and building construction with MARBLE, LIMESTONE, SANDSTONE. Through years of importing experience and projects, Sales team 2 provides information in water repellent and antifouling relating to various concepts.
Moreover, we sell eco-friendly CORK FLOORING, WALL and suggest new designs. You can visit our websites below and find more information.

TEL 02-518-7040, 02-487-9009
FAX 02-477-5279
STAFF - Yeon Ilhwan : (Stone & Fila)
- Choi Miyoung : (Stone)
- Kim Sanghyeon : (Cork, Wall coverings)

Sales Team 2

Sales Team2 is specialized in Interiors, Hotel, Apartment buildings and delivering materials.
They coordinate many projects through the cooperation with domestic leading construction and design companies.
This team works with Construction and Interior Companies for various projects.

Main Project
STAFF - Lee Sangryong :, 010-6593-8896
- Lee Gisu :, 010-4808-9374
- Lee Ukjun :, 010-5210-1128

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Seoul Head Office