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The Ilshin Stone Co., Ltd 김학선

Thank you for visiting our homepage.

Ilshinstone has been dedicated to creating value from natural stone and proposing an alternative.
The company is challenging to becoming a construction material company with the best brand name beyond stone business.
It is finishing materials that enhance both economic and aesthetic value of building. A building can be a heritage of the city or the country.

The company has three business units. Distribution business unit researches and exploits resources from about 20countries: Europe, the Middle East. Construction business unit had been reorganized and has achieved
the highest level of construction capability. In production business unit, experts are studying the production method to improve productivity from our own quarry only that allows mass production of natural stone, Po-cheon stone, in Korea.

Ilshinstone makes a constant effort to be in harmony with environment. It is not only keeping the nature intact that protects environment. The company is giving economic and social value to stone market covered with imported materials and contributing to reviving local economy. The company obeys the relevant regulations on production and gets everything in readiness to fulfill the restoration duty after completing the production from the quarry in the future.

Ilshinstone will do our best to increase clients' asset value and to create social added value.

Thank you.