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Our Field in Exporting

Our Field in Exporting

Existing stone material companies abandoned their exporting business due to issues with quality, delivery period and the unit cost.
Despite strict quality standards, Ilshin Stone is expanding export to nations from Japan, China, Canada and Singapore etc.
This unique competency responding to oversea markets represents our capability in executing major domestic as well as oversea projects.
The Ilshin Stone consistently communicates and updates new information about benchmarking information of advanced companies,
oversea market trends, new technology and the requested quality standard of stone materials.


1975. 02 Registered for import and export business
1979. 11 Awarded the “Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Prize of the 16th Export Day”
1983. 11 Awarded the “10 Million Dollar Export Prize of the 20th Export Day”
1989. 08 Establishment of Ilshin Japan(Korea/Japan Joint Company)
2004. 12 Exported 1.42 million dollars
2007. 06 Delivered stone materials to the Tokyo Korean Culture Center
2009. 12 Entered a supply contract for exporting Marblekiss
2010. 03 Started exporting Marblekiss
2014. 03 Chinese Exports A-GOLD
2014. 03 Cambodia Exports A-GOLD

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