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Main Indicators
  • A tradition of 140 years
  • Holds 30% market share in the global cork market
  • Produces 65% of the world’s cork
  • 28 factories worldwide
  • 75 branches worldwide
  • 122 sales agencies worldwide

Product Merit

Fast & Easy Installation Fast and easy installation with click construction
Durability Strong against scratch, wear and tear using WRT(specialized coating method of the BASF company) and HPS varnish
Silence Reduces impact sound(from other layers in apartments), step sound(footsteps).
Comfort Distinctive softness and cushion features
Health Prevents house dust mites and protects you from allergy
Easy Maintenance Convenient maintenance: No need for periodically recoating whereas hardwood materials needs uv coating every 3 to 6 months.
Design Production capability into different size and colors to fit your style and need
Elasticity Excellent elasticity – comes right back to shape after being squashed
Resistant to Liquids moisture proof treatment
25 years warranty Warranty up to 25 years

A Sustainable Business

Cork floor Tile Products and Eco-Efficiency


WHY IS ECO-EFFICIENCY IMPORTANT? ‘Sustainable Management’ was conceptualized by applying the concept of sustainable growth to companies and businesses.
The success and failure of ‘Sustainable Management’ depends upon the level of Eco-Efficiency of the company or business.
Eco-Efficiency can be broadly defined as the ‘Ratio between environmental and economic performance’.
It refers to the interest in adding economic value while minimizing the impact upon the environment in the process making products and services. We can see close examples in our common life such as ‘fuel efficiency’, ‘power efficiency’.
It is an index reflecting the companies economic performance and eco level in the products and designed production lines.

The BASF started eco-efficiency researches for various products, including the Amorim Cork, from year 2007.
According to research results, the Amorim Cork floor and wall tiles contributed in increasing eco-efficiency of the BASF company.
One, usage of sustainable natural resources to prevent nature destruction.
The cork material is collected every 9 years from the trees bark which perfectly regenerate without exhaustion of the original resource. Two, cultivation of cork trees plays a role in preventing global warming. Three, the cork floor tiles high heat conductivity and insulation quality provides benefit to those users in reducing heating costs and saving energy.

Cork (Like Wol) is a Renewable Resource

What is Acrodur

Acrodur is an eco acrylic binder of the next generation developed by the BASF company.
BASF was in search of an innovative alternative for synthetic resin such as melamine, formaldehyde and polyurethane.
As a result, they have found their success in developing the perfect water-soluble acrylic binder with no solvent or resin of any kind. Thus, this material reduces emission of volatile organic carbon and helps improving the ecological balance.
Amorim Group and the BASF guarantee their certification for usage of Acrodur in the process producing their cork floor and wall tile products. The companies also strive to help protect the environment by developing new technology to minimize the emission of wasted gas in production process of finished goods.

Eco certification marks

Construction Case